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RSI_MAonRSI_Filling - indicator for MetaTrader 5

2022.03.29 16:53
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The idea of the indicator

In the subwindow, show the filling of the areas between the two lines: the 'RSI' line and the 'RSI' line smoothed with 'MA'.


Rice. 1. RSI_MAonRSI_Filling

    Alert Crossing Three MAs Alert Crossing Three MAs

    The indicator shows signals ('Arrow' objects) of the 'Moving Average' indicator crossings. The peculiarity of the indicator: if there was an intersection of 'MAs' (on bar #0), and then the intersection disappeared, the signal remains on the chart

    Radix sort (The fastest numeric sort) Radix sort (The fastest numeric sort)

    Sorts the values in the first dimension of a multidimensional numeric array in the ascending order.

    RSI_MAonRSI_Filling Step EA RSI_MAonRSI_Filling Step EA

    Strategy based on the custom indicator 'RSI_MAonRSI_Filling'. The minimum step is set between positions

    MACD AO Colors MACD AO Colors

    'MACD' indicator with the same color scheme as the 'Awesome Oscillator' indicator