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Convert iExposure.mq4 From MetaQuotes - indicator for MetaTrader 5

Dwi Sudarsono
Published by:
Dwi Sudarsono
votes: 32
2021.12.01 14:38

Convert iExposure.mq4 From MetaQuotes

iExposure will show the opening of trading positions in tabular form in the sub-window below the main window.  This allows the trader to see at a glance the positions in the market including the profit value and the amount of risk for each position.

The iExposure indicator is a technical tool that is easy to use and very helpful, especially if a trader opens several trades at once with several different instruments.  Traders can add the iExposure indicator to any price chart if they wish to use it.

By adding the iExposure indicator, traders can also still see tabs of other trading positions for other currencies.  Also note that iExposure can also monitor all trading positions, besides being able to make details by displaying one position for one window.

Why is Monitoring Trading Positions Important?

Any trader will definitely love winning as well as hate such as suffering defeat.  But in the case of forex trading, this kind of emotion can have an unfavorable influence on decision-making actions.  In other words, trading emotions can mess up trading itself.

Because a negative attitude is always associated with losing a trade, there will be a tendency for traders to be emotionally shaken after losing a trade, especially if they lose a lot.  For example, a trading position does not go according to plan, it is easy for traders to turn away and leave the market.

But the bad position can actually be easily anticipated from the start if the trader wants to monitor the position constantly.  Not by monitoring trading positions in front of the computer continuously, but simply leaving it to a technical tool that has this function.

Having technical tools such as the iExposure indicator can keep trading positions in line with the profit targets that have been proclaimed since the beginning of entering the market.  This kind of indicator is not only useful for maintaining trading positions so that it has become a necessity.

For any trader who wants to keep his position in the market under control, the iExposure indicator offers this function, namely managing positions so that they are in accordance with what was planned at the beginning when opening a trade.

The iExposure indicator also provides other technical analysis tools, although its main function remains as a parameter to monitor positions.  For example, you want to see how the iExposure indicator works, the easiest way is to open a position and the related information will be displayed on the screen.

But of course, taking the risk by opening a real trade just to find out how the iExposure indicator works is not a wise move for a trader to take.  That's why opening a demo trading account is a great idea for every trader.

In the risk-free environment that the demo account offers, traders can try the iExposure indicator with different parameters for each scenario.  The environment offered by the demo account is the original environment of the forex market, but the capital used is only virtual money.

Considerations Regarding the iExposure Indicator

The iExposure indicator actually does not have a special effect that can change the trader's perspective on a trade, but it is enough to help traders monitor positions in the market.  iExposure doesn't revolutionize the way trading is advanced, or whatever.

iExposure comes with basic features that are very useful.  It doesn't matter what trading strategy is taken, the results will be effective if the trader has carried out the basics of trading as it has been prepared so that the trading position remains in the plan he made.

In other words, a trader can only make profit from trading if he continues to trade.  To do this, traders must still be in a favorable position in the market.  Moreover, forex is a market full of uncertainty.

Keeping a profitable trading position in the market is not easy, especially if you don't incorporate discipline into the process.  Even then, risk management must still be added in an effort to keep away the potential for defeat that can occur at any time.

The iExposure indicator is intended to keep traders disciplined in maintaining positions in the market, namely by providing the latest information on the latest positions.  Including the possible risks and profits that may be obtained from the position.

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