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2021.11.11 09:55

This indicator is one of the series of "experiments"

  • even though it is named CCI, it is not actually CCI
  • the calculating method is changed significantly compared to original CCI which make the usage as it is usual for classical version (via fixed levels) obsolete
  • for that reason a sort of dynamic levels are added (a sort of Donchian channel levels added)
  • basic types of averages can be used :
    • for main calculation
    • for price smoothing (as a possible method of signals filtering without significant lag addition)


  • You can use the color changes as signals

Comparison :

  • An example why is it still called CCI. 
  • Upper is this indicator, lower is the classical CCI. 
  • Regardless of the completely different values produced, the relative values / slopes are very similar

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