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2021.11.02 17:28

In December 2020 issue of TASC, John Ehlers published an indicator called MyRsi with NET (MyRsi with Noise Elimination Technology) in which he uses a sort of Kendall (auto)correlation to filter out signals 

The only deviation in this version is that we can use desired prices (instead of using fixed close price)


  • you can use it as any other rsi
  • you can combine the signals from rsi and net line (from visual inspection, it seems that net line tends to produce faster and cleaner signals)

MyRsi MyRsi

MyRsi - by John Ehlers

The Hilbert Oscillator Indicator The Hilbert Oscillator Indicator

The Hilbert Oscillator Indicator was created John Ehlers in "Rocket Science For Traders", pg.90-91

Rex (extended) Rex (extended)

Rex indicator extended version

Position Size Calculator Position Size Calculator

MT5 Indicator for Position Size Calculation