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Moving Average Bands - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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2021.10.25 18:01

In “ Moving Average Bands” (part 1, TASC  July 2021 issue) and “Moving Average Band Width” (part 2, TASC August 2021 issue), author Vitali Apirine explains how moving average bands can be used as a trend-following indicator by displaying the movement of a shorter-term moving average in relation to the movement of a longer-term moving average

This is the "Moving Average Bands" indicator with only one change compared to the original  : you can chose the price (while in the original only close price is used)

  • It can be used in a similar way as Bollinger bands

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Nadaraya-Watson estimator

SpeeD Oscillator v2.3 SpeeD Oscillator v2.3

This indicator provides handles for 2 properties, MA Speed (scaled) & Price-to-MA Distance (%)

Moving Average Bands - extended Moving Average Bands - extended

Moving average bands - extended version

Moving Average Bands Width Moving Average Bands Width

Moving Average Bands Width