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Use protect profit after open position

Trailing stop

Trailing stop with BTC

    ATR with Smoothing ATR with Smoothing

    ATR with 4 smoothing options : RMA, EMA, WMA, SMA

    Timeframe Flow Timeframe Flow

    Sharing this trend indicator made by me. Called "Timeframe Flow". It will draw a user defined higher time-frame candle on every shift on your current time-frame. Meaning you can have H4, H12 or D1 candles on every shift of your H1 Charts. Or you can have D2, D3 or D5 candles on every shift of your Daily Charts. Combined with the current time-frame ATR Bands, you have a trend indicator with some filter. You may also use the Mid Line crosses as exit( Calculated using Higher timeframe candles displayed in the indicator(Close + Open)/2 ).


    This help to close all open position in the market

    G channel G channel

    G channel is a channel indicator with 3 lines- a middle line representing a central tendency and 2 Upper and Lower boundaries calculated based on the past values of same indicator. Its based on the paper "Recursive Bands - A New Indicator For Technical Analysis" by Alex Grover and is a code conversion from TradingView. The channel breakout of Upper or Lower boundaries represent a new trend or trend continuation while narrowing of bands represents ranging or low volatility conditions. The channel can prove to be a good indicator of a trend direction and also a guide for trailing of stop loss. It has only 2 variables. Channel period - default set to 100. Price type.