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Heikin Ashi Engulfing - expert for MetaTrader 5

traderonemax | English 한국어

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2021.07.14 01:38
2021.07.14 02:20
opens trades when a engulfing bar occurs at the SAME time as a change in heiken ashi colour

opening above moving averages, two rsi filters, set at 5 &14 periods.

  • engulfing bar must close above the high of previous bear candle, (for bullish trades)
  • explaned in terms of a buy trade
  • inp15 maperiod, open of heikin ashi must be above 20 ema
  • inp26 20 ema is above 30 ema
  • inp27 rsi period
  • candle shift, start bar in which levels are measured ,candles period endbar, between these levels, set at 0-100 currently doing nothing
  • may specify oversold and overbought lvls
  • exception bars are not within these lvls.
  • inp28 same as inp 27, for a second rsi filter
  • variable moving average type
  • mobile and native platform alerts.

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