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OnTester Commission Calculator - expert for MetaTrader 5

Dark Ryd3r | English 한국어

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2021.06.30 05:21
2021.06.30 14:08

Update : Now it also calculates the commission on "end of test" result on Tester

I was testing my Expert Advisor while i found that i have to calculate commission charged by my broker as well otherwise the profit shown by strategy could not be true, So i tried to use in built commission feature on Metatrader5 but this did not work!

So i decided to code this feature externally.

This code can be used in your own expert advisor to calculate the commission (you may need to know programming)

This EA works for testing Market Order, Limit Order, Stop Limit Order and Stop Market Order and same can be selected from SelectMode Input

Fee in percentage can be added. Like my broker charges 0.04% commission so i added there

After adding Entry, SL and TP you can run this EA on strategy tester

On testing you can see i have total 4 deals executed

For each deal, the commission should be calculated that is set on input : 0.04%

Lets test in on excel

As you can see for 0.1 qty its 1.2546 for Limit Buy Order and 1.284 for Take Profit Order

so summing up 1.2546 + 1.284 = 2.5386

and total trades are 2

so 2.5386 *2 = 5.0772

so at the end of Strategy Tester Report in Journal Tab, the Total Commission is Printed

I hope this calculation method will help you testing your EA with more accurate profit when it excludes commissions which your broker charges

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