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Buy Sell on your Price - expert for MetaTrader 5

Dark Ryd3r | English 한국어

votes: 15
2021.06.26 18:04

This is the lightest Expert advisor for beginners to learn about market buy sell types and execute it on the strategy tester or Live market.

This expert advisor will add market, limit pending or stop order based on input selection

Make sure you enter correct price for Entry, Stoploss and Takeprofit to avoid Invalid Stop or Invalid Price error

Just input your price where you want to execute orders, select order type and wait for EA to execute orders

On Strategy tester comments are also shown.

rsi & divergence rsi & divergence

macd divergence and rsi filter

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Colored Candlestick exemplifying a gradient. It was somewhat hard to find a good working example of DRAW_COLOR_CANDLES that was understandable, most of the comments were useless, and the documentation lacks to even specify the plot limitations (PLOT_COLOR_INDEXES being limited to 64 in length, [0; 63]) or which order the functions should be called.

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