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2011.04.07 15:33
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The indicator plots the open prices of the bars as a line.

The line color, width and style changed randomly every N=5 ticks. The width, color and style of a line can be defined using the preprocessor directives or using the PlotIndexSetInteger() function. The dynamic change of the line properties allows to create the "live" indicators that vary depending on the current state. Only one data buffer is needed for the DRAW_LINE style.

The initial properties of the plot1 graphic plot are defined using the #property preprocessor directive, further these properties changed randomly (OnCalculate() function). The N variable is defined as input parameter, it can be changed using the "Properties" window.

See also: The Drawing Styles in MQL5.


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The DRAW_NONE drawing style is used in cases, when you need to calculate and show the values of the indicator in "Data Window", but the plotting isn't needed.

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The Roulette Game.


The DRAW_SECTION drawing style is used for plotting the values of the indicator's buffer as a sections.


The DRAW_HISTOGRAM drawing style is used for plotting the values of the indicator's buffer as a histogram.