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Print Closed Position - script for MetaTrader 5

2020.12.05 22:05
2021.10.25 17:20
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The script prints info about a closed position by its position ticket or identifier, on a retail hedging account.

It supports only retail hedging accounts (Forex).

    Following info are printed to the 'Experts' log:

    • Position Open Time
    • Position Symbol
    • Position Ticket: this is the position ID
    • Position Type
    • Position Volume
    • Position Open Price
    • Position S/L, updated to the last stoploss price for the position
    • Position T/P, updated to the last takeprofit price for the position
    • Position Close Time
    • Position Close Price
    • Position Commission
    • Position Swap
    • Position Profit
    • Position Magic Number
    • Position Open Reason, this includes reason of opening the position (client, mobile, web, expert)
    • Position Close Reason, this includes reason of closing the position (client, mobile, web, expert, sl, tp, so, ...)
    • Position Open Comment, this includes comment of the deal in for position
    • Position Close Comment, this includes comments of all the deals out for position
    • Position Deal In Ticket, this includes ticket of the deal in for position
    • Position Deal Out Ticket(s), this includes tickets of all the deals out for position

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