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CSV file creating example expert - expert for MetaTrader 4

Lucas_Investment | English Español Português 日本語 Deutsch

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2020.11.14 11:13

Hi fellas i'm Lucas,i thought i should contribiute with something to this wonderful community which i have learned a lot from reading good informative articles and much more. Myself then, forex and stock market investor and i'm coding experts for my personal trading only. So here's my contribution and i hope some of you guys can have use of this expert;

It's an example of how you can write order data to csv file in which you later can study and use in your analytics. This expert should not be used to trade with (as it is right now),this example demonstrate how you could implement and use this function in your own expert or you can continue to build and modify this expert as much as you like with your own strategy.

This expert will open trades in selected direction,orders closed virtually by menu setting input TP/SL and if 'WriteCloseData' set to true a file will be created were order data such as direction,gain/loss,price and so on will be stored as a csv file in your teminal.

Testing this expert in strategy tester you reach this file from OpenDataFolder/tester/CSVexpert/CSVexample
Directory CSVexpert will be created when you start testing and the file which store all data CSVexample created within.

When you implement this function to your own expert or continue to build on this and later on running it on demo/real accounts you will reach this created file from MQL4/Files/CSVexpert/CSVexample

Directory and file name you can rename to what ever you want them to be named exept for .csv which you leave as is. Be aware once again this is just an expert example of what you can do with it and how to use this function as i don't want you to loose any funds if you Think it can be used right now for trading purpose!

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