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Step chart - indicator for MetaTrader 5

Mladen Rakic

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2020.07.21 18:07

The original versionStep chart

  • Step chart is displaying values as increments of step size
  • Step size can be specified as fractional pips
  • You can use any of the usual price types to display the chart

Reason for upgrade : making the code faster (never enough of execution speed) and simpler to use (iCustom() wise too)

Identify potential Trends/Range (Pivot Points) Identify potential Trends/Range (Pivot Points)

When I start learning about trading, I remember the trading pioneer Shawn Lucas (founder of Apiary-fund) saying "trading is simple, you go from bound range market to breakout market and vice versa". I looked at few charts and he was right. So I told myself, I have to always eyeball ranging market and trending market but with the help of an indicator. There are plenty for indicator that help us eyeball these ranging/trending market and they work really well, but I like using Pivot Points.

Open Random Charts Open Random Charts

this script opens randomly selected charts and applies user-defined template.

Design patterns - Builder Design patterns - Builder

For a complex object separate its construction from representation. Same construction process can create different representations

Range Follower Range Follower

this expert opens trade in the direction of the trend when specific rate of average daily range has been passed.