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2011.01.25 10:34

Synchronized Charts - expert for MetaTrader 5

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Published by:
Alexander Piechotta
votes: 15
synccharts.mq5 (4.85 KB)view

Real author:

This Expert Advisor performs the synchronization of charts.

  • bar/candle/line
  • timeframe
  • zoom
  • starting candle number
Export Indicator's Values Export Indicator's Values

This script exports indicator's values to CSV file.

The "New bar" event handler for the indicators The "New bar" event handler for the indicators

This indicator will allow you to perform the recalculation of the indicator's data only when the new bar on the chart has appeared.

Hash functions library Hash functions library

The library contains the following hash functions: adler32, CRC-32, MaHash8v64. Also it has functions for radix conversion of a number.

A la "Bobsley" Expert Advisor A la "Bobsley" Expert Advisor

The Expert Advisor uses the Moving Average and Stochastic indicators.