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iRSIOnArray for MT5 - library for MetaTrader 5


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2019.12.28 01:14
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This header provides the iRSIOnArray function known from MT4. It works with both MQL 4 and 5 code. A reason to use it also under MT4 could be that it fixes a bug known in the original function, where a constantly increasing array - like 100,101,102 - returns an RSI of 0 instead of 100.


#include <RSIOnArray.mqh>

int OnInit()
   double array[]={100,101,102};
   int total=0;
   int period=2;
   int shift=0;
   double rsi=iRSIOnArray(array,total,period,shift);

stdlib.mq5 stdlib.mq5

converted stdlib library for MQL5 from the MQL4


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