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iWPR+ - indicator for MetaTrader 5

MetaQuotes Software Corp.

Published by:
Roberto Jacobs
votes: 8
2019.12.26 07:32
2019.12.26 12:59
iWPR+_USDJPYH1.png (25.81 KB)
iWPR+.mq5 (3.97 KB)view

iWPR+ is an iWPR %Range function with a positive value.


    VR Smart Grid Lite MT5 VR Smart Grid Lite MT5

    The EA uses large volume orders to partially close other orders, with this approach, the breakeven and profit price is much closer to the current price than if you use all orders in the terminal or their full volumes.

    WmiFor 3.5 for MT5 (with DTW engine) WmiFor 3.5 for MT5 (with DTW engine)

    This indicator predicts future price movements by searching for similar candle patterns in the rate history.

    stdlib.mq5 stdlib.mq5

    converted stdlib library for MQL5 from the MQL4

    iRSIOnArray for MT5 iRSIOnArray for MT5

    Header with iRSIOnArray function for use with MQL 4 or 5 code.