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SimSim (Simple Simulator v1.0) - indicator for MetaTrader 5


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2020.08.21 15:54
2020.08.21 20:06
SimSim.mq5 (5.28 KB)view

Simple Simulator is designed to practice manual trading on historical data.

  • Only close prices are considered, so it is better to use line chart.
  • There is no take-profit, stop-loss or lot configuration.
  • Only one position can be opened at a time. Multiple positions are prohibited.


  • Configure inputs; start bar, cycle speed (recommended 2 seconds minimum)
  • Click Long to enter long position.
  • Click Short to enter short position.
  • Click Close to close opened position.
  • Click Pause to pause simulation.
  • Click End to end simulation manually.
  • Simulation ended automatically at last bar.
  • Net Profit/Loss is alerted at the end of the simulation.

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