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Galender 1.0 - expert for MetaTrader 5


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2020.08.26 10:59


This program lists and shows information about calendar events between specified date range. If you click on an event it displays information about selected event.


  • Begin Date: beginning date.
  • End Date: ending date.
  • Currency Filter: only find events which affects this currency.
  • Keyword Filter: only find events which contains this keyword.
  • Importance Filter: only find events which has specified importance.


  • Enter parameters and list events on main window.
  • Click-on any event.
  • Time: publishing date and time of event.
  • Currency: currency that is affected by this event.
  • Event: event code name.
  • Impact: positive or negative impact on currency.
  • Previous: previous value. it is 0 for non-numerical events for example FED chairman speaks.
  • Forecast: forecast value.
  • Actual: actual value. 0 for events in future.

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