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Kamikaze Trading - script for MetaTrader 5


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2020.08.21 14:21
2020.08.24 21:20

This script opens order with maximal amount of volume available with active chart symbol.

Take Profit and Order Type is specified by user.

There is no Stop-Loss. Trade will be open until account has been blown up.

    Check Margin Check Margin

    required margin and maximum volume calculator.

    Adapter - structural design pattern Adapter - structural design pattern

    Convert the interface of a class into another expected interface; classes with incompatible interfaces can work together

    SimSim (Simple Simulator v1.0) SimSim (Simple Simulator v1.0)

    Simple Simulator is designed to practice manual trading on historical data.

    KOB Requisites Script KOB Requisites Script

    This script downloads bars and ticks from EURUSD as required for the correct execution of Kiss on Billions on EURUSD from Saeid Irani.