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Programming Patterns - Decorator - script for MetaTrader 5


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2019.09.21 17:08
2019.09.29 10:23

 • Inheritance is not always flexible.
 • Composition and delegation is sometimes a good alternative to dynamically add new behavior.
 • Decorator type matches component type.
 • Decorators change component behavior without changing the component code.
 • A component may have arbitrary number of decorators.

 • Decorators are transparent to the client, unless the client depends on a particular component.

RULE: Open classes for extension and close for changes.

      Sudoku Sudoku

      Classical Sudoku puzzle right in MetaTrader chart.

      Trading the trend Trading the trend

      Trading the trend

      Programming Patterns - Strategy Programming Patterns - Strategy

      Encapsulating a family of interchangeable algorythms which can be modified independently from the client.

      Programming Patterns - Observer Programming Patterns - Observer

      When the subject changes, it notifies and updates its observers, who know nothing about each other.