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Support Resistance Trader - expert for MetaTrader 4

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2019.06.17 22:58

The trading algorithm for the Support Resistance Trader requires(1) A minimum of the Standard Deviation indicator; (2) A breakthrough of the Support (for Sell) or Resistance (for Buy) lines by the SMA of the Low (for Sell) or High (for Buy) price .  

The ADX and Bollinger Bands indicator values are also used as additional trade entry filters. An open trade can be closed based on a trade signal reversal. The ZigZag indicator inline function is used for determining the length of the most recent ZigZag segment. This is used in support of computing the Support and Resistance values for beginning of the segment. This EA uses the H1 EURUSD chart and is tested from Jan 2010 thru June 2019. 

Cryptocurrency Divergence Cryptocurrency Divergence

"Cryptocurrency Divergence" EA draws 2 mini Trend Lines with "Fractals" on chart and trades with Divergence\Convergence of RSI & MACD indicators ,has Trailing Stop Loss &Take Profit works with all time frames major forex pairs, Crypto and stocks NASDAQ.

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Advisor for a currency pair Gbp/Ghf. Algorithm - by opening the bar. Timeframe - H1.

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All ingenious is simple!

Export Summary Grouped by Trading Days (MT4) Export Summary Grouped by Trading Days (MT4)

The script exports summary of closed trades grouped by each trading day to .csv file