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2019.03.18 11:15
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input double _Lots = 0.01;// Lot
input int _SL = 20;//SL
input int _TP = 10;//TP
input int _MagicNumber = 4425;//Magic
input int _TrailingStop = 0;//Trailing Stop
input int _TrailingStep = 1;//Trailing Step
input string _Comment = "FX BOT";//Comments
input int _Slippage = 3;//Slippage
input bool _OnlyOneOpenedPos = true;//Only one pos per bar
input bool _AutoDigits = true;// Autodigits

// ---
bool op_buy_sig()
        if(((e_High() - e_Low()) > ((e_High1() - e_Low1()) * 2)) && (e_Close() > e_Open()))
                return true;
        // ---
        return false;
// ---
bool op_sell_sig()
        if(((e_High() - e_Low()) > ((e_High1() - e_Low1()) * 2)) && (e_Close() < e_Open()))
                return true;
        // ---
        return false;


The optimal timeframe is 4H. The idea of the adviser is extremely simple. The explosive effect of the current price is used (the reasons can be any). It is at this moment that the position is opened, in the direction of the impulse.

This strategy allows you to effectively use the trailing stop to accompany the position. Stop Loss, place no more than 20 points.

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"FiboArc" EA draws Fibonacci Arcs on chart and trades with price breakthrough,has Trailing Stop Loss &Take Profit works with all time frames major forex pairs and stocks NASDAQ.

Daily Chart Trader Daily Chart Trader

This is strictly for daily chart and any symbol with spread low enough for its operation

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iTrend_new is base on iTrend Indicator by MetaQuotes Software Corp. Update and modify by Roberto Jacobs 3rjfx @ 2019/03/18, for MT4 with Signal and Alert and options to display signal on the chart.

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ForexCandlestickPatterns with alert are forex indicators based on Japanese Candlestick Strategies.