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Smart Tunel Trading - expert for MetaTrader 4

Ali Sabbaghi | English Español Português 日本語 Deutsch

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2018.10.11 19:13
2018.10.18 09:42

Copyright 2018 Ali Sabbaghi.

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Smart Tunel view


Smart tunnel is a smart ea that uses the Zigzag indicator to find out sensitivity situation of market price.

with this point, SMART tunnel automatically create trend line that market movement reacted in this point.

with zigzag find the highest and lowest price (support and resistance) and with this point EA crate trend line.

it changes and updates automatically ...

if price touches this line expert decide to act with it. BUY or SEll depended on the market situation.

you can manage your time that tells to ea to trade in the special hour of the day. for example trade at midnight.

this ea has a smart function to manage your RISK, manage your Time.

Smart tunnel is really profitable.


with 14% highest drawdown and Profit factor about 6.5

Recommended parameter:

  1. Use an ECN broker account.
  2. minimum deposit of 100$ USD.
  3. use it in H1 time frame
  4. recommended symbol is EURUSD

input parameter:

TrendType                Prefered Order Type - BUY or SELL

TakeProfit                Profit in points

MaxStopLoss            Max Stop Loss

FixTakeProfit            Profit in points to take away

TouchPipBuy            Pip Distance to touch trend line

TouchPipSell            Pip Distance to touch trend line

SlTrail                      Trail in point

StaticLot                  Position static size if you have no risk  

MinLot                    Minimum Position size

MaxLot                    Maximum Position size

MaxSpread              Max Spread to allow tradeing            

isk_Percentage        Money Management Risk Percent

MaxOpenPosition    Maximum Opened Position

MagicNumber          Your Magic Number

TREND LINE parameter

InpDepth                Depth Of

InpDeviation            Deviation

InpBackstep             Backstep

ZigZagNum              Number Of High And Low

Color_UPLine           Color Of Sell Line

Color_DWLine          Color Of Buy Line

TimeManagment      Activate Time Managment

WeekenClose          Close Opened Order in weekends.


InpAtrPeriod        ATR Period

StochasticKperiod  Stochastic K Period

StochasticDperiod  Stochastic D Period

StochasticSlowing  Stochastic Slowing

BuyZone            Stochastic Low Zone line

SellZone            Stochastic High Zone line

CCIperiod          CCI Period

RSIperiod          CCI Period

Market Open-Close Hours Indicator Market Open-Close Hours Indicator

Displays a line when the markets are opened.

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1) Close all order on the Symbol Chart 2) Take screen for keep a Trading Journal

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