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2018.07.16 17:33
Schedule.mqh (6.83 KB)view

The Schedule class defines a schedule as beginning at a certain day of the week and time, and running until the ending day of the week and time. There are also tests included in "Scripts\Tests\Schedule\ScheduleTests.mq4" that give extensive usage examples and codify the expected behavior of the Schedule.

Constructor Parameters

void Schedule(
    ENUM_DAY_OF_WEEK startDay,
    string startTime,
    ENUM_DAY_OF_WEEK endDay,
    string endTime
  • ENUM_DAY_OF_WEEK startDay - the day that the schedule starts.
  • string startTime - the time that the schedule starts in 24 hour format.
  • ENUM_DAY_OF_WEEK endDay - the day that the schedule ends.
  • string endTime - the time that the schedule ends in 24 hour format.


ENUM_DAY_OF_WEEK  DayStart;    // the day when the schedule begins
TimeStamp        *TimeStart;   // the time when the schedule starts
ENUM_DAY_OF_WEEK  DayEnd;      // the day when the schedule ends
TimeStamp        *TimeEnd;     // the time when the schedule ends

The TimeStamp properties are instances of a simple TimeStamp object included in this library. They have two properties "Hour" and "Minute" as integers.


string ToString() // returns a description of the schedule in English.
bool IsActive(datetime when) // returns true if the schedule is active on the given datetime.


#include <Schedule\Schedule.mqh>

ENUM_DAY_OF_WEEK StartDay=1; // Start Day
ENUM_DAY_OF_WEEK EndDay=5;   // End Day
string   StartTime="12:30";  // Start Time
string   EndTime="14:30";    // End Time

// Creating the schedule
Schedule s(StartDay,StartTime,EndDay,EndTime);

// Displaying an English description of the schedule.
Print("Schedule: ",s.ToString());

// Creating some datetimes to check against the schedule
datetime ted0 = StrToTime(StringConcatenate("2018.06.10 ", (string)(s.TimeEnd.Hour), ":", (string)(s.TimeEnd.Minute)));
datetime ted1 = StrToTime(StringConcatenate("2018.06.11 ", (string)(s.TimeEnd.Hour), ":", (string)(s.TimeEnd.Minute)));

// the day of week is outside of the schedule, schedule should not be active
if(s.IsActive(ted0)) Print("Fail! Schedule active at ",ted0," = ",s.IsActive(ted0));

// the day of week and time are within the schedule, schedule should be active
if(!s.IsActive(ted1)) Print("Fail! Schedule active at ", ted1, " = ", s.IsActive(ted1));
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