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Tipu CCI - indicator for MetaTrader 4

Kaleem Haider | English Español Português 日本語 Deutsch

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2018.07.16 17:09
Tipu CCI.mq4 (28.97 KB)view

I have modified the original code for Tipu CCI published in the Market by removing the compatibility with Tipu Panel. This version of Tipu CCI is for learning purposes and is open for anyone who is interested in developing an Expert Advisor using this indicator.

Here is an example of how to use Tipu CCI in an Expert Advisor.

int iSignal = iCustom(_Symbol,_Period,"Tipu CCI","",14,PRICE_TYPICAL,0,0,"",1,5,clrNONE,clrNONE,"",false,false,1,false,false,false,4,0);
int iTrend = iCustom(_Symbol,_Period,"Tipu CCI","",14,PRICE_TYPICAL,0,0,"",1,5,clrNONE,clrNONE,"",false,false,1,false,false,false,5,0);

if(iSignal == OP_BUY) //buy signal, for sell signal use OP_SELL
if(iTrend == OP_BUY)  //buy trend, for sell trend use OP_SELL

bool bBuy = iCustom(_Symbol,_Period,"Tipu CCI","",14,PRICE_TYPICAL,0,0,"",1,5,clrNONE,clrNONE,"",false,false,1,false,false,false,6,0);
bool bSell = iCustom(_Symbol,_Period,"Tipu CCI","",14,PRICE_TYPICAL,0,0,"",1,5,clrNONE,clrNONE,"",false,false,1,false,false,false,7,0);

CSeries Class CSeries Class

A low latency container for working with ticks

s-Downloader (SingleTF) s-Downloader (SingleTF)

The script downloads the historical quote data of the current chart symbol and timeframe.

Schedule Schedule

Library for defining schedules by weekday and time.

Scale All Charts Scale All Charts

Set all opened charts to use auto scaling or fixed scaling simultaneously.