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2018.07.13 16:08

An indicator that colors candlesticks going beyond channel Ozymandias Candlesticks beyond the channel are marked with the trend-related color. Candlesticks with the trend are colored brightly, and those against the trend are colored darkly.

Fig 1. Indicator Ozymandias_System

Fig 1. Indicator Ozymandias_System

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An Expert Adviswor based on two indicators: iCCI (Commodity Channel Index, CCI) and iAO (Awesome Oscillator, AO)

Exp_GStop_Tm Exp_GStop_Tm

An Expert Advisor for closing all positions, in case of the total profits on those positions exceeded the Take Profit level fixed in inputs or the total losses on those positions exceeded the Stop Loss level fixed in inputs, or where it is necessary to close all positions beyond the time interval fixed in the settings.

cloud's trade 2 cloud's trade 2

Working with two indicators, Fractals and Stochastic, simultaneously, or with only one of them.

Exp_BykovTrend_ColorX2MA_MMRec Exp_BykovTrend_ColorX2MA_MMRec

Two independent trading systems using indicators BykovTrend_V2 and ColorX2MA within one EA, with an option of changing the size of the future trade depending on the results of the previous ones.