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Tipu CCI

Tipu Commodity Channel Index (CCI) is the modified version of the original CCI indicator published by MetaQuotes here.


  • Customizable Buy/Sell alerts, push alerts, email alerts, or visual on-screen alerts.
  • As easy to trade oscillator indicator that smooths the noise in the price action.

Add Tipu Panel (found here) and unlock the following additional features.

  • An easy to use Panel that shows the trend + signal of the selected time frames.
  • Customizable Panel. The panel can be moved to any place on the chart or minimized to allow more space.

The commodity channel index (CCI) is an oscillator originally introduced by Donald Lambert in 1980. CCI measures current price level relative to an average price level over a given period of time. CCI is high when prices are above the average price, and low when the prices are below the average price. CCI is a useful tool not only in identifying trend but also the overbought/oversold levels.


CCI = (Typical Price - 20-period SMA of TP) / (.015 x Mean Deviation)

Full description of CCI is available here.


  • Show Panel?: visibility settings, select true/false to show panel (need Tipu Panel added to the chart)
  • Short Name for the Panel: short name for the panel heading on Tipu Panel
  • CCI Period: setting for CCI
  • Overbought: overbought settings for CCI
  • Oversold: oversold settings for CCI
  • Alert Shift: candle delay for the signal, enter 1 if you want the alert sent after one candle to be passed
  • Alert Mobile: select true/false to get push notification on your device, make sure the device settings are correct here
  • Alert onscreen on change: select true/false to get alert on the terminal, this alert shows in a separate window
  • Alert email on change: select true/false to get email alerts, make sure email settings are correct here
Tim Eubanks
2018.03.14 01:11 

Great CCI indicator and dashboard.

Michal Vido
2018.01.25 21:29 


2018.01.10 17:43 

Absolutely great indicator.!!!

2017.11.20 17:17 

Great product!

Ali irwan
2017.07.20 08:51 

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Gennadiy Voltornist
2017.04.22 17:39 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Amit Kumar
2017.03.17 14:12 

best of the best indicator...have been using it for a week..99% profitable signal all the time and that too on all timeframe..very simple to follow..this is the world's best CCI indicator

Domenico De Sandro
2016.11.09 17:04 

IT works very well!!!!!

Maksym Mudrakov
2016.08.30 17:35 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Version 2.10 - 2018.02.06
Fixed dashboard crash possibly caused by other indicators, the dashboard is based on objects and deleting "all" object from other indicators can cause dashboard to crash
Version 2.0 - 2018.01.29
New version 2.0
Added 28 symbols, all timeframes dashboard, control settings from the dashboard
Compatible with Tipu Panel v2.0, added support for monthly timeframe on Tipu panel
Fixed alerts
Version 1.30 - 2017.06.26
Fixed problem with buy/sell alerts. Added option to enable/disable buy, and sell alerts.
Version 1.20 - 2016.05.31
Fixed issue with scrolling back. The indicator was breaking and giving false picture when scrolling to previous unloaded time.
Version 1.10 - 2016.03.16
Added support for all time frames (except month) on Tipu Panel.