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Anubis - expert for MetaTrader 5

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Published by:
Vladimir Karputov
votes: 21
2017.11.03 12:32
2018.02.28 10:33
Anubis.mq5 (52.87 KB)view

The author of the idea: John Smith, the mq5 code author: barabashkakvn.

The EA trades using the signals of the following indicators: iStdDev (two indicators), iMACD, iCCI, iATR.

Indicators parameters:

   handle_iStdDev_20=iStdDev(m_symbol.Name(),  PERIOD_H4,  20,0,MODE_SMA,PRICE_CLOSE);
   handle_iStdDev_30=iStdDev(m_symbol.Name(),  PERIOD_H4,  30,0,MODE_EMA,PRICE_CLOSE);
   handle_iCCI      =iCCI(m_symbol.Name(),     PERIOD_H4,  CCIPeriod,PRICE_CLOSE);
   handle_iMACD     =iMACD(m_symbol.Name(),    PERIOD_M15, M_FastEMA,M_SlowEMA,M_Signal,PRICE_CLOSE);
   handle_iATR      =iATR(m_symbol.Name(),     PERIOD_M15, 12);

As you can see, the timeframes of indicator are hard-coded, there are no input parameters for them.

Also, data of bar open and close prices from timeframe M15 are used in the code:

   double iClose1 = iClose(1,m_symbol.Name(),PERIOD_M15);
   double iOpen1  = iOpen(1,m_symbol.Name(),PERIOD_M15);

The Expert Advisor trails positions and moves them to breakeven if possible.

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:

OpenTime OpenTime

Opening and closing positions at a specified time.

Pending orders by time Pending orders by time

The Expert Advisor sets pending Buy Stop and Sell Stop order at a specified time.

This is a cross-platform МТ45 Expert Advisor This is a cross-platform МТ45 Expert Advisor

The МТ45 Expert Advisor is based on the Martingale strategy. It is designed for trading in the МetaТrader 4 and МetaТrader 5 terminals.

Multi Time Frame Trader Multi Time Frame Trader

The Expert Advisor trades based on the i-Regr indicator signals.