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2016.05.12 13:52

QEMA percentage - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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QEMA is the Quadruple Exponential Moving Average. With this small change you can modify the percentage of the quadruple correction respect to the normal EMA. (Sorry, there was a small error in the previous file).

Renko Indicator Renko Indicator

RenkoLiveChart_v600 version 6 indicator converted from RenkoLiveChart_v600 version 6 Expert Advisor.

MA Cross Alert Once MA Cross Alert Once

When two Moving Averages cross the indicator will alert once per cross between crosses and mark the cross point with down or up arrow.

iCrosshair iCrosshair

Handy crosshair for MetaTrader 4.

Example of SAR Automated - with Advanced Money Management Example of SAR Automated - with Advanced Money Management

This example has been built using SAR (Stop And Reverse) indicator with Advanced Money Management function.