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This EA will help you set Stop Loss and Take Profit on your open position (manual order).

EA can set SL/TP to all pairs, and you just need attach the EA on one pair only.

In the input settings, you can set single pair or all pairs. If AllPairs = True, it means EA will manage all pairs. Just attach on one chart, EA will work with all pairs.

Little Update:

name: AutoSLTP upd.mq4

input double TakeProfit=400; //40-->4 digits; 400-->5 digits
input double StopLoss=150; //15-->4 digits; 150-->5 digits


Input Settings:

input bool   AllPairs=True;  // True - EA manages all pairs, False - EA manages only one pair to which EA is attached
input double TakeProfit=40;  // 4 digits format, 40 (4D) or 400 (5D), just need fill 40
input double StopLoss=15;    // same as TakeProfit format
input double DurasiTime=60;  // it means EA only manages order position which OrderOpenTime is less than 60 seconds (new entry)
Trend_Catcher Trend_Catcher

The EA looks for trend using three MAs (period 200, 50, 25 or other) and opens orders using the Parabolic SAR indicator. There is martingale in an Expert Advisor, the lot is calculated in percents from a deposit depending on Stop Loss.

Instant Execution New Instant Execution New

Instant execution button to close profit orders, close all orders, auto close by trailing parameter. Last update: 21 April 2016. Prev: 8 Dec 2015

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