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2015.02.27 09:53

HarmonikManual - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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This indicator will show the name of the pattern by placing point XABCD manually and also will search the next Potential Reversal Zone (PRZ) automatically.

This idea was first published by Snorm as DavincisKiss indicator. I have modified Harmonic Ratios.mq4 by alltraders, and added more command that needed.

I have made improvements to this indicator, so it will look as figure below:


I have added some feature  as seen on the right side of the chart.

By clicking the button feature, you can set the utility as follows:

  1. "SEARCH" will find all the possible patterns that will happen next.
  2. "NEXT" will move the point "D" on the pattern obtained, to know the name.
  3. "ON / OFF" to turn the indicator on or off.
  4. "COLOUR / NONE" to change the color of the harmonic pattern, which is colored or not.
  5. "XABC" to put the point XABC to the nearest highest or lowest point.
  6. "RESET" when an error occurs that is not yet defined, press this button.
  7. "AUTO" is upcoming features that I have not thought.
  8. To move the location of the menu, press the key "M" for a while. After the key "M" is released, click the mouse button on the desired area.

You also be able to use your own harmonics pattern database. Just change the input "file name" and the number of "DatabaseRecord" in the inputs tab (see figure above). You do not have to worry that the number inputted into "DatabaseRecord" is not appropriate, because the indicator will adjust if a given number is too large. And will only read the database records, according to the inputted number, if the number entered is too small. Save your database file at <MQL4>files.

The name of the new version of this indicator is: HarmonMan.mq4

 Max Bat,0.382,0.618,0.382,0.886,1.272,2.618,0.886,0.886
 Max Gartley,0.382,0.618,0.382,0.886,1.128,2.236,0.618,0.786
 Alt Shark 2,0.446,0.618,0.618,0.886,1.618,2.618,0.886,0.886
 Anti Nen star,0.5,0.786,0.467,0.707,1.618,2.618,0.786,0.786
 Anti New Cypher,0.5,0.786,0.467,0.707,1.618,2.618,1.272,1.272
 Max Butterfly,0.618,0.886,0.382,0.886,1.272,2.618,1.272,1.618
 Butterfly 113,0.786,1,0.618,1,1.128,1.618,1.128,1.128
 Alt  Shark 1,0.446,0.618,0.618,0.886,1.618,2.618,1.128,1.128
 Deep Crab,0.886,0.886,0.382,0.886,2.618,3.618,1.618,1.618
 A Crab,0.276,0.446,1.128,2.618,1.618,2.618,0.618,0.618
 New Cypher,0.382,0.618,1.414,2.14,1.272,2,0.786,0.786
 A Butterfly,0.382,0.618,1.128,2.618,1.272,1.272,0.618,0.786
 Shark 1,0.382,0.618,1.128,1.618,1.618,2.236,0.886,0.886
 A Bat,0.382,0.618,1.128,2.618,2,2.618,1.128,1.128
 Shark 2,0.382,0.618,1.128,1.618,1.618,2.236,1.128,1.128
 Nen star,0.382,0.618,1.414,2.14,1.272,2,1.272,1.272
 Alt Bat,0.382,0.382,0.382,0.886,2,3.618,1.128,1.128
 Navarro 200,0.382,0.786,0.886,1.128,0.886,3.618,0.886,1.128
 A Gartley,0.618,0.786,1.128,2.618,1.618,1.618,1.272,1.272
 White Swan,0.382,0.786,2,4.237,0.5,0.886,0.238,0.886
 A 3 Drives,0.618,0.786,1.272,1.618,0.618,0.786,0.13,0.886
 Partizan 2,0.128,3.618,1.128,1.618,1.618,2.236,0.618,3.618
 A 121,1.272,2,0.5,0.786,1.272,2,1.272,2.618
 3 Drives,1.272,1.618,0.618,0.786,1.272,1.618,1.618,2.618
 Black swan,1.382,2.618,0.236,0.5,1.128,2,1.128,2.618
 HENRY - David,0.128,2,0.44,0.618,0.618,0.886,0.618,1.618
 STRONG HENRY - David,0.128,261.8,0.44,0.618,0.618,0.886,0.618,1.618
 DAVID VM 1,0.128,1.618,0.382,0.382,1.618,1.618,0.618,3.618
 DAVID VM 2,1.618,3.618,0.382,0.382,1.618,1.618,0.618,7.618
 COL Poruchik,0.128,3.618,0.382,2.618,1,1,0.618,3.618
 Sea Pony,0.128,3.618,0.382,0.5,1.618,2.618,0.618,3.618
 TOTAL 1,0.382,0.786,0.382,0.886,1.272,2.618,0.786,0.886
 TOTAL 2,0.382,0.786,0.382,0.886,1.618,3.618,1.128,1.618
 TOTAL 3,0.276,0.618,1.128,2.618,1.272,2.618,0.618,0.886
 TOTAL 4,0.382,0.786,1.128,2.618,1.618,2.618,1.128,1.272
 Partizan 2.1,0.128,3.618,1.128,1.128,1.618,1.618,0.618,3.618
 Partizan 2.2,0.128,3.618,1.128,1.128,2.236,2.236,0.618,3.618
 Partizan 2.3,0.128,3.618,0.618,1.618,1.618,1.618,0.618,3.618
 Partizan 2.4,0.128,3.618,1.618,1.618,2.236,2.236,0.618,3.618
 121 BG ,0.5,0.577,1.128,1.733,0.618,0.707,0.447,0.786
 NN Gartley,0.618,0.618,0.382,0.886,1.128,1.618,0.786,0.786
 NN Bat,0.382,0.5,0.382,0.886,1.618,2.618,0.886,0.886
 NN Alt Bat,0.382,0.382,0.382,0.886,2,4.236,1.128,1.128
 NN Crab,0.382,0.618,0.382,0.886,2.236,4.236,1.618,1.618
 NN Deep Crab,0.886,0.886,0.382,0.886,2.618,4.236,1.618,1.618
 NN A Gartley,0.618,0.786,1.128,2.618,1.618,1.618,1.272,1.272
 NN A Bat,0.382,0.618,1.128,2.618,2,2.618,1.128,1.128
 NN A Alt Bat,0.236,0.5,1.128,2.618,2.618,2.618,0.886,0.886
 NN A Butterfly,0.382,0.618,1.128,2.618,1.272,1.272,0.618,0.786
 NN A Crab,0.236,0.447,1.128,2.618,1.128,2.618,0.618,0.618
 NN A Deep Crab,0.236,0.382,1.128,2.618,1.128,1.128,0.618,0.618
 NN Leo,0.5,0.5,0.382,0.886,1.128,2.618,0.786,0.786
 NN A Leo,0.382,0.886,1.128,2.618,2,2,1.272,1.272
 NN Total 1,0.382,0.786,0.382,0.886,1.272,2.618,0.786,0.886
 NN Total 2,0.382,0.786,0.382,0.886,1.618,4.236,1.128,1.618
 NN Total 3,0.236,0.618,1.128,2.618,1.272,2.618,0.618,0.886
 NN Total 4,0.382,0.786,1.128,2.618,1.618,2.618,1.128,1.272
 NN TOTAL ***,0.236,0.786,0.382,2.618,1.272,4.236,0.618,1.618
 NN Bl Swan,1.382,2.618,0.236,0.5,1.128,2,1.128,2.618
 NN Wh Swan,0.382,0.724,2,4.236,0.5,0.886,0.382,0.886

The data above is harmonic pattern database, and must be saved as harmontrad.csv and placing the file at terminal_data_folder\MQL4\Files.

After indicator loaded, placing XABCD to any point, and at the left panel will show the name of the pattern, if the pattern found, otherwise will show comparison of AB to CD.

HarmonikManual 1

If we want to search the next PRZ that may occur, placing text D at the right of the last candle (Time[0]), if text D above the text C, indicator will search PRZ to upper direction, and vice versa.

Put text and name it with ON, and insert the amount of PRZ that we want to search.

HarmonikManual 2

Figure below show the result:

HarmonikManual 3

We can add much more pattern at harmontrad csv, but you need to change the number of database record at line 622 as shown at the figure below:

HarmonikManual 4

If point D disappear to nowhere, simply press Ctrl+B and delete the text, name D and ON, as shown at figure below:

And the new text D will formed.

HarmonikManual 5

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