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2014.03.05 14:01

gSpeak Build 6xx - library for MetaTrader 4

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Coders' Guru

One of my clients asked my to update his indicator from the 509 build to work with MT4 Build 610.

Eveything is cool and easy. But he want to use my old gSpeak dll.

If you don't know what the gSpeak.dll: The dll enable you to speak the Alert using the build in window TTS engine.

But after the string handling change in Build 6xx my old gSpeak is not working anymore.

That's why I update the gSpeak.dll to work with the new Build.

bool gSpeak(string text, int rate, int volume);

This is the only function. As you see I merged the old two functions in gSpeak in one function that you can set the voice rate and volume from one place.


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