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2013.09.18 07:26

Market crash alert when you sleep - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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Indicator that shows you market push and future 80% of next big trend .....trendy markets begins with high tick and movment...for time 5 setup hard movement will inform you this when you want sleep.

Note :for timeframe 5 min inter your instrument setup number in indicator properties:

green= high current candle - low previuos candle
red = low current candle - high of previuos candle

You must work with it min 1 week that can find its magic and secrets where applicable.

When you see high tick Bar(above normal bars..... show next trend 80% in same side....if it gives buy side but market break this mean market breaks....dont forget SL on low eurusd 50-50 SLTP is good.

Enjoy and be patient min 1 week with this indicator!!!


Market crash alert when you sleep

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