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2012.09.23 22:56

Modify stop loss or take profit - script for MetaTrader 4

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You can set SL and TP in pips from the actual price, or set SL and TP at specific price.

If you set SL or TP in pips it is preferred before price, so if you set pips and price together the script will set SL and TP according to the pip settings.

If you want to change only SL or only TP you set only SL or only TP in pip or price, other values with 0 will be ignored and not changed in opened orders.

clock displaying time in main chart clock displaying time in main chart

For those trader who can't stand having the Market Watch or Navigator boxes up on their platform but like to have a time displayed on chart a Simple Clock Indicator

VR---SETKA---3 VR---SETKA---3

Extension of VR --- SETKA. Advisor to the grid works by Martin ...

iACfunc, iAOfunc and iBearsBullsfuncs iACfunc, iAOfunc and iBearsBullsfuncs

Improved functions iAC, iAO and iBearsBulls

Schaff Trend + Signal EMA  Schaff Trend + Signal EMA

Schaff Trend + Signal EMA