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2012.06.14 08:42

RSI trader v1 - expert for MetaTrader 4

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RSI trader trades using rsi indicator suitable for long term and scalping strategies.

The none straight forward settings are explained below:

  • Applied Price - this is the applied price setting for RSI set 0 for close price, 1 for open price, 2 for high price, 3 for low price, 4 for median price, 5 for typical price and weighted close price.
  • BuyPoint- If RSI crosses this point upwards a buy order will be sent.
  • SellPoint- If RSI crosses this point downwards a sell order will be sent.
  • CloseOnOpposite- If true if an opposite signal is given all trades that had been opened with the previous signal will be closed.


  1. The EA is designed for 5 digit brokers since most major brokers are 5 digit nowadays.
  2. Its up to you to discover the optimum settings for your strategy the default settings have not been tested/optimized.

If this EA helps you donate at our website.

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