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News events and market times on your chart - indicator for MetaTrader 4

Tjipke de Vries | English Español Português 日本語 Deutsch

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2011.09.27 12:12
2015.05.12 13:10


The clock will display the different times, the open markets and market holiday and it will show you the news you select to see.

Indicator displays News with a market clock.

  • News events ""
  • Market times found at ""

More info: /go?link=


Some sources I have used:

This article Displaying a News Calendar written by Slobodov Gleb and to read at shows a way how to get data displayed on the chart. The file contains the description of writing a simple and convenient indicator displaying in a working area the main economic events from external Internet resources.

Another source I have used for this indicator is the indicator SimpleMarketInfo here to find made by born2trade (2010.11.25). It shows upcoming news events 1 hour before and 30 minutes after event. It also shows active sessions etc. It gives a look to all news events. Changes on this. I did wanna have the possibillity to choose the kind of news I like to see, and when local time isn't brokertime there was not the correct displaying vertical lines on the chart. And some other changes...

Found the indicator Clockzv1_2 auto.mq4 ( from "Jerome" This version made it possible for me to write down the coming DST times for the local markets also. ST/DST changes are unique to each timezone. To know when a market is open we have to know the right localtime...

Auckland/Sydney/Tokyo/Hong Kong/Europe/London/New York.

Update 14 October 2011 forex_news_market_clock_2.mq4

Found a way to edit my post so by this I replace the old indicator with the improved newer version

Hope it is for all working perfectly. Like to know how you think about it. It's the best way for me improve my programming

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