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YangTrader - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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2011.08.23 10:58
2014.04.21 14:55


This is my first indicator, share for everyone.

YangTrader is a good indicator, it core is price moving and return, when the value crosses 15, maybe it's the best buy time and down cross 80 it's the sell time.

I'm not good at English, maybe the description is unclear; But, if you need help, I think I can reply in Chinese.


Aver4Sto+Postzigzag(Set-up for USDJPY only) Aver4Sto+Postzigzag(Set-up for USDJPY only)

Using 4 Stochastic + post-zigzag indicator(last post). The result is good!!! Profit trades (% of total --82.26%)

Post-zigzag Post-zigzag

The post-zigzag can count the moving of zigzag line. If see many continuous post on screen, It's will more signal for changing the trend of price.

GRUCHA Percentage Index GRUCHA Percentage Index

GRUCHA Percentage Index

RideAlligator RideAlligator

Simple EA based on Alligator indicator.