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2011.08.17 17:22

LOC Kijun-Sen Channel - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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The Kijun-Sen line with up line and bottom line.

The indicator can be calculated on a different timeframe and period.



Scalping Bollinger Bands Breakout Reversals with RSI confirmation.

Statement To Chart Statement To Chart

Just a simple script , that reads the HTML file a report , or detailed report , and draws a transaction from it on the chart

Post-zigzag Post-zigzag

The post-zigzag can count the moving of zigzag line. If see many continuous post on screen, It's will more signal for changing the trend of price.

Aver4Sto+Postzigzag(Set-up for USDJPY only) Aver4Sto+Postzigzag(Set-up for USDJPY only)

Using 4 Stochastic + post-zigzag indicator(last post). The result is good!!! Profit trades (% of total --82.26%)