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2011.04.01 08:27

MTrainer Strategy Tester - expert for MetaTrader 4

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When you start the MTrainer in the Strategy Tester you will see 2 lines, or 3 lines if you entered a number for PCRate. These lines represent Stop Loss (SLcolor) level Take Profit (TPcolor) level and Partial Close (PCcolor) level. Move these lines into position to represent your next order, then drop a new horizontal line on the chart where you want to place an order. The default color for a new order is DimGray (OScolor) so you must insure the color of this line is the same as what you selected in the parameters. MTrainer determines what type of order you want based on the positions of the SL and TP lines. The name doesnt matter as the MTrainer will replace it with a Pending Order (OPcolor) line. Deleting the Pending Order line will delete the order.

Once your order is pending, you can still move the lines around to modify your order. If you move the pending order line, the order is deleted and a new order sent. Moving SL and TP lines simply modifies your existing order. Moving the PC line does nothing to the order but will signal a partial close when an open order price crosses it. Its effective only once per order. With an Open Order you are still free to move the SL, TP and PC lines to change your order. The color will change to the Open Order color (OOcolor). Deleting and Open Order line will close the order.

Have Fun.

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