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2010.12.24 16:30

FSS longtradeScalper - expert for MetaTrader 4

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fxscalper.mq4 (22.49 KB)view

Tool to auto-Insert Take-Profit & Stop-Loss limits. Tool to auto-Insert Take-Profit & Stop-Loss limits.

A tool to auto insert preset Take-Profit and Stop-Loss limits when an order is executed. Specially when doing scalping manually where you need quick setting of stop limits.

Breaking Out with RSI Breaking Out with RSI

An indicator based on Lows and Highs of last 16 candles + RSI reading. Describes trend as Flat, Trending Up, Breaking Out Upwards, Trending Down, Breaking Out Downwards.

Daily trend ZCOMForex Daily trend ZCOMForex

A very useful indicator to show trend of 4 currency pairs on your charts.

Simple MA over Price Simple MA over Price

Simly Calculation of Price changes over x period. Overlay with fast MA and slow MA for smooth lines