Project Gryphon Manual

Project Gryphon Manual

17 June 2022, 21:02
Yury Novikau


Product description is available here -

Project Gryphon is based on the application of wave analysis to historical data and search for waves predicting the change of the local trend in the future. The Expert Advisor builds a five-period prognostic model for finding the change of trend. Each of periods has its own copy of advisor, which has different internal parameters, including take profit, conditions for opening and closing positions. Each of the Expert Advisors works in its own thread and does not interfere with others. All positions are protected by a stop loss. An Expert Advisor has a minimum of settings for optimization. Most of the settings are set by the extrapolator on the author's side. Using a longer period, repeat patterns are searched. Using a smaller period we approximate and interpolate the key points and refine the patterns. At the end an extrapolator is used to make predictions based on both periods. The extrapolator data is used to find five waves of different periods. Using the extrapolator data, the Expert Advisor trades on the forward period. The Expert Advisor is not self-optimizing and requires from time to time adjustment based on the current market situation.

Here is a more detailed analysis of the input parameters, which require explanation:

GMT broker offset  - shows your broker's GMT as a shift in hours from the server time, the time on broker's server from Greenwich Mean Time

In simple words you need your broker's server time and GMT time, and you need to find their difference in hours


When a trading advisor is installed on a chart, it will wait. Depending on the availability of trading conditions, there may be no transactions from a few hours to a few days. This is responsible for

Start of trading within the current wave is an important parameter for the start of trading. Since the Expert Advisor trades in waves, it does not start trading from any place, but waits for the start of a new wave. However, this can take a long time, and when the user has installed the Expert Advisor and a new wave has already started, it will wait for its end before it starts trading. This setting allows the user to start trading immediately, within the current wave.

There is a choice of two options from the list:

Immediately - start trading immediately, within the current wave

Wait new wave - wait for a new wave to start trading

Please note that the most correct choice is to wait for a new wave, since there is a chance that you will launch the Expert Advisor immediately and you will be at the end of the wave, and if the EA opens position, it may close with a loss at the beginning of a new wave.

This parameter is only specified once. And it does not affect the work of the EA in the future. 

The algorithm calculates and displays the dates of predicted trend changes


The option works on real data. And it displays the approximate date of the five waves calculated by the extrapolator

Optimizable parameters

  • Stoploss, point (600-800) - stoploss size for orders, in five decimal points (from 600 to 800 points)

Most of the EA parameters are hidden this is done for the convenience of the user, who does not like to look through a bunch of unclear parameters and store a bunch of incomprehensible set-files, and because the specific strategy requires the use of a third-party application for optimization and wave search, and after using special software - extrapolator, which loads the predictive model into the trading logic of the EA

There is only one parameter for the user to optimize - the size of the stop loss. Since the Expert Advisor does not have the ability to self-optimize, and the optimization is done by the author, it comes with the optimal parameters and is ready to work after being installed on a chart. 

I recommend using a constant lot for real market trading. And, if possible, you yourself can manually change the lot every time your deposit grows. The use of autolot is justified for the test in the strategy tester, for clear application.  Autolot parameters and the calculation itself and its formula are available below:

Risk, % - risk per order, if the Auto lot automatic calculation is enabled

Lot coefficient - coefficient for the lot calculation when the Auto lot is enabled (from 0 to 1)

formula for calculation of lots at automatic calculation:

Lot = 0.01 * Lot coefficient * Risk * AccountEquity / Margin

The Expert Advisor is not self-optimizing and requires re-optimization for forward trading. The extrapolator learns on new data approximately every 1 to 3 months. Take it into account when updating the Expert Advisor

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