Alert Settings on "Supply Demand EA Pro"

Alert Settings on "Supply Demand EA Pro"

22 January 2022, 17:36
Georgios Kalomoiropoulos

On "Supply Demand EA Pro" you get 2 types of Alerts

1.OnCreated Alerts --> It is the type of Alerts that you get when a new Supply or Demand Zone is being created

2.OnTouched Alerts--> It is the type of Alerts that you get when  price touches an untouched Supply or Demand Zone

You can Enable or Disable OnCreated and OnTouched Alerts from the Trading Panel

There are also some more filters that you can use to get more specific Alerts. You can get Alerts only on the selected timeframes that you want without having to open multiple timeframes of the same pair. The EA is multi timeframe, that means that you get alerts for all timeframes from a single timeframe. From trading panel you can choose on which timeframes of the pair you want to receive Alerts. When the button is Green then the Alerts are Disabled on this timeframe, when the button is Red then Alerts are Enabled on this timeframe.

Also there is one more filter for the Alerts you get. You can set the Minimum Size of the zones that you want to get Alerts. It is useless to get alerts for very small zones that we do not want to place trades. For that reason from trading panel you can set the Min Size:(in pips) input parameter. For example if you set this parameter into 10 pips you will get Alerts only for Zones that the size of them is wider than 10 pips. Of course in order to get alerts the OnCreated or Ontouched Buttons should be enabled.

See the detailed example below:

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