2 November 2021, 15:43
Jesper Christensen
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On this page you can download set files for PAM SCALPER PRO FX. 

If you do not know how to install the EA and load a set file, please read my guide to do so here:

Below this blog post you can download the set file with the settings used for the live signal.(

The set file uses all three strategies that are built into PAM SCALPER PRO. 

All three stretegies risks 1.8% of account balance per trade.. If you want to be more conservative you can lower your risk. If you want to be more aggressive you can increase your risk to 2.5 % of balance per trade for each strategy. I do not recommend increasing beyond that. 

Note that the 3 sets are somewhat correlated, so all three sets might lose on the same setup.

Note that losing positions are larger both in money and pip value than profitable trades. The strategies used by PAM SCALPER PRO are having a negative RR ratio. It makes up for the negative RR ratio with a very high winning rate. It might take 3 to 7 profitable trades to make up for a single losing trade. 

It is not unusual for this EA to go through periods of drawdown or stagnation. These periods can last weeks or months. To prepare yourself for these periods I recommend reading this blog post:

Below you can see screenshots of each strategy and all three strategies together. 

The combined backtest of all three strategies use risk setting: 1.8 % of account balance per trade. 
The backtests of individual strategies use risk settings: 3% of account balance per trade

PAM SCALPER PRO - all three strategies


PAM SCALPER PRO - Strategy 1

PAM SCALPER PRO - Strategy 2

PAM SCALPER PRO - strategy 3

Write me a personal message if you have any questions, or need help setting up the EA on a VPS. I will be happy to help you. 

Safe trading!

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