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All Trading tools

3 July 2021, 17:05
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FinanSya Best sellers indicators! 

My name is Ashref, a computer engineer and Founder of Finansya. I'm creating and coding trading systems and analytics tools for Metatrader both MT4 and MT5. Our mission is to create top professionals analytics tools for our customers. 

I created this post in our blog to collect all important informations and details related to our best seller indicators !!!! 

Trend Screener Indicator 

Unlock the Power of Trends trading with Trend Screener Indicator: Your Ultimate Trend Trading Solution powered by fuzzy logic and Multi-currencies System ! Elevate your trend trading with Trend Screener, the revolutionary trend indicator powered by fuzzy logic. It is a powerful trend-following indicator that combines over 13 premium tools and features and 3 trading strategies , making it a versatile choice to make your Metatrader a Trend Analyzer.

The available tools are : 

    1. Trend dashboard
    2. Trend line
    3. Strong trend signals
    4. Trend Reversal signals
    5. Trend Arrows
    6. Trend C.S.M
Youtube Video : 

Download MT4 Version

Download MT5 Version

All in One Support and Resistance Indicator

Support And Resistance Screener  Breakthrough unique Solution With All Important levels analyzer and Markets Structures Feature Built Inside One Tool! Our indicator has been developed by traders for traders and with one Indicator you will find all Imporant market levels with one click.
The available tools are : 

  1. Market Structure Screener.
  2. Pullback
  3. Bank level zones
  4. Pivots Points ( Intraday , Swing Pivots Points )
  5. Strong Support and Resistance indicator.

    Youtube Video

    Download MT4 Version

    Download MT5 Version

      Please if you have any questions, feel free to post a comment or send me a PM.


      SAYADI ACHREF , fintech software engineer and founder of Finansya.