Climber EA - Frequently Asked Questions

1 November 2020, 07:59
Ivan Martin Piera

Dear Climber EA customers. Thank you very much for your support.

Non customers, you can download the Climber EA here:

Here's a compilation of the most common asked questions about the Climber EA. If you have any other question feel free to message me, write in this post comment section or in the market page.

Q: Can I trade other pairs/symbols?

Climber EA works on every symbol but only EURUSD is recommended since it is optimized for EURUSD volatility and price action.

Q: Will you add other pairs/symbols?

Yes, other symbols (including gold) are planned to be compatible in a future version.

Q: EA doesn't open any trade.

Your MetraTrader platform should allow "Algo Trading" in both global and expert advisor settings. Please follow this link for detailed info.

Q: Does Climber EA work the same on any timeframe

Yes, it works the same on any timeframe.

Q: Should I use a hedging account.

Yes, it is 100% recommended.

Q: Would it work with lower leverages?

If possible, I recommend 1:100 or more leverage. You can use lower leverages but the max deposit load would be increased, which is riskier.

Q: Does it consume an activation installing the EA in an VPS server.

VPS works as a new computer, then it consumes 1 activation. The unique exception is the MQL5 Cloud Service, which do not require additional activation for working.

Q: Can I shutdown the EA or computer during weekends?

Yes, Climber EA doesn't use temporary data. You can restart it later and the trading will be resumed automatically.

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