EA Devilfish: what is it and why

EA Devilfish: what is it and why

10 November 2019, 23:43
Mikhail Sergeev

Minimum settings - maximum functionality     

       This is the principle that we followed when creating the Devilfish expert Advisor. A sheet of settings with incomprehensible foreign names and even less clear functionality is what causes negative emotions in most people when using automatic trading systems.  And how entertaining is the installation of sets, especially when there are a lot of tools and the trader does not leave a thought, and whether I accidentally mixed something up and what can happen to my Deposit because of this?!

The modern algotrader earns on understanding when it is better to disable this or that algorithm for a while or to allow the expert to open only long trades. 95 percent of traders do not need to know what MagicNumber and Slippage are.

Devilfish Tasks

  • Make algo trading available to everyone.
  • Work on major currency pairs without changing settings.
  • Prepare the necessary quote history completely automatically.
  • The presence of an interface that informs the user about the state of the program.
  • Use simple, time-tested strategies.
  • Expansions. Be able to add new trading strategies.
  • Having a minimum number of configurable parameters that work with all built-in strategies.
  • For full-fledged trading on all available pairs, it should be enough to attach an expert Advisor to any chart.
  • To be able to fully and quickly multi-currency optimization in the strategy tester. 
  • Provide advanced users with the ability to configure hidden settings.

At the moment, the Devilfish expert performs all the tasks set for him! We plan expansion and multiple improvements in the future, but the basic concept will remain the same.

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