EA King Power Magic Express  MT5 \ MT4 $$$ You Will Not See Like Its $$

EA King Power Magic Express MT5 \ MT4 $$$ You Will Not See Like Its $$

5 August 2019, 17:41
Ahmed Ahmed Elnagdy

Hello Every body:   

This program was created after several filters to protect the capital.
Where the natures of things In Trader Loss and Profits. 
There is no permanent profit but the loss can be permanent.
Therefore, this program I have manufactured that in the case of loss is not large, but less than to mention in relation to the capital and in the case of profit is a big profit compensates what was lost from the little.

If you lose one time or two or .... ( this lose every time will be very small  little .And This is one of the most important features of the program ) , this normal you must have patience  and wait big the profits ,  I Dont Say that Because you must lose , No , You May be Every trader profits direct without any loss from capital , But i Say About the natures of things in Trader (( Loss and Profits ))

This feature will be found in basic Setting.
But patience is where this program is not day and night to know if it is good or not. 
Possible from the first week know that , possible from the first month know it, but it is best to be sure at least so you can know the possibility of this program during or after three months of work. 

You should know that the program is not required to perform transactions and orders a day or two
It is possible to work one Order every week only or work every day or more in the day. 
According to the availability of the standards for the establishment of orders

It is normal for me to have a profit more than the price of my purchase of the program ( During the program purchase period - Best period 3 months ) , otherwise I will lose.
So you can increase the value of the lot ( Option BuySell Percent ) in the Orders , but if you do that, the value of loss will be rise and the value of profit will also rise . 


its work on Chart any symbols max spread dont above from 15 points , i recommend less than 15 points until take good result and profits and work with default setting from stop loss and profits .   NOTE : You Can Open Six Chart or More Or less from Symbols less Spread by You Broker ( EURUSD , GBPUSD , EURGBP , GBPJPY , USDJPY , EURJPY and like that Or Like You Want Or Else )

your Max Spread  =  1.5 , I Recommend less than until work by default setting stop loss and profits . ( you can use by above this spread but you must change stop loss ,stop ,start , step )

I Recommend Your Account Start From 1:400 to Above.

I Recommend Your Account Work on Any VPS until Have Fast Execution under 4 ms . I Recommend VPS MQL5

Work in Chart M1 or M5 Only , find the best frame by your test , i recommend M5

all the stop , start , step ,slippage , spread , stop loss And Connect between buy&sell it by pips and one pips ( 1.0 ) mean = 10 points this for account type digital 6 ( 1.11111 ) Or (111.111 ) 
other type account like 5 digital one pips mean = 1 point

Type Account:

1 - ECN

2 - Standard ( Classic )

Minimum deposit: $300

Slippage ( If Your Account Not Create Order More Like Your Test Then Change it  From 1 To 2 ) until that I recommend VPS until work on "0"

BuySell Percent from your balance ( from you write will up auto percent from your capital )

between buy and sell this mean distance create order pending buy or sell from currently point candle   

Test This EA With Your Broker First Before Buy it Until Sure its Work Excellent With Your Broker Without Any Failed Or Error.

Read How to Test a Trading Robot Before Buying By MetaQuotes Software Corp. you found option random delay to show if EA good Work or not ((((( This Option not Show You how match will be Loss or Profits ( May Be ) ,  But Show You If EA  Work and Will Loss Or Profit ))))) This Option You Will Found In MT5 Only and this option
if you will trade by your PC by big Execution  and ping , but if you will use VPS MQL5 then use option Execution 50 ms or less or above , Read this https://www.mql5.com/en/vps/best-forex-vps-technology.


You Will Found My Products Here https://www.mql5.com/en/users/elnagdymagic/seller

Thank You



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