Book: Expert Advisor Programming for Metatrader 5 - Creating automated trading systems in the MQL5 language

29 June 2018, 20:56
Flavio Jarabeck
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Expert Advisor Programming for Metatrader 5

2018, 388 pages, by Andrew R. Young.

This book is one of the very few about MQL5, and specifically written about Expert Advisor programming.  It is very well written and structured, containing all you need to build a novice-to-intermediate trading robot. But, if you never programmed before, you will need a deep course on MQL5 because the basics covered in this book are very very basic. If you are a seasoned programmer this is the only book you need, and the best we found around.

The only 2 glitches we found were that Control Structures (like IF…ENDIF / FOR…NEXT, etc) were misnamed as “operators” which is wrong and confusing. The other one is that all trading operations Classes were rebuilt from scratch instead of using the already built-in/native and famous Classes from MQL5. We understand the approach, but it was unnecessary. Instead, the author could focus more on the complexity of failing trades/deals/orders, trading systems, and many others. But, anyway, it is a very recommended book.

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