(15 JUNE 2018)SILVER (in USD):Bullish pause.

(15 JUNE 2018)SILVER (in USD):Bullish pause.

15 June 2018, 15:31
Jiming Huang

Bullish pause.

(By Peter Rosenstrelch)

·Silver continues to strengthen as can be

seen by the break of the hourly resistance at

16.87. Succession of higher lows continues to

favor a bullish bias as long as uptrend floor

holds, Hourly support and resistance are given at

16.05 (01 /05/2018 low) and 17.35 (19/04/2018

high). The technical structure suggests short-

term upward moves,

·In the long-term, the trend remains negative/

sideways, Further downside is very likely.

Resistance is located at 21.58(,0/07/2014 high)

Strong support can be found at 11.75

(20/04/2009). The pair is trading below its 200


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