Daily Breakout Basket Trader EA

Daily Breakout Basket Trader EA

11 May 2018, 17:39
Ihab Salloum

Hello Everyone,

Here i would like to introduce the trading system DBTrader EA, and the ideas behind it and how it can be used for best results.

First what does the EA do?

The EA simply looks for daily breakouts from a preset range of candles.

How does the EA enter trades?

The DBTrader EA starts taking trades after the price starts to breakout from the range. The trades are taken in numerous small sizes and once the trend is confirmed then the EA adds to the positions until the target is reached.

What happens if the market goes against the trades taken by the EA?

The DBTrader EA can hedge trades and take positions against the first trade in the opposite direction. The EA has a special algorithm to deal with trades going against the initial position. The position will only be exited once there is an overall profit.

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